Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I know I've posted this before, but....

The official release of THE REINS OF HORROR via Dark Descent should be released in the coming weeks. The recording is well over a year old now, so we're glad to see some movement here. You will be able to order it from Dark Descent directly, or us as well....Also, we still have a few copies of the 'unofficial' version available - This cover features art from Toronto's Trevor Henderson, as opposed to the Dark Descent release that features art by Joshy of Washington Dc's ILSA.  So, onwards....

We've upped then entire recording on the Abyss Bandcamp should be available to download, but I've found that downloads on bandcamp can be a bit temperamental at times, so in the next week or two I will post the full recording here for download via mediafire as a zipped MP3 file with PDF cover art. If you'd prefer a WAV format, just email us, we'll send it your way.   I also plan to post the Accursed Followers recording on bandcamp as well.

We killed the MYSPACE page.

We won't be playing any shows for a minute, although we have some tentative plans for a small tour of Ontario and Quebec with a band TBA in the fall (EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED),  we'll be focused on writing new material for a tentatively planned recording in early December 2012. We're all pretty chuffed on the new material, it's more focused than before.

We still have Chalice of Scum shirts available, though the long sleeves are sold out.

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