Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pictures from the Chromium Dioxide Release Party July 28th

The Chromium Party was great - Philthy quietly and abruptly moved to Antarctica at the last minute, after being offered some mysterious "Job", which I'm told- he reluctantly took after months of deliberation.  Here are a few select shots taken by Kevin Nunes of the Obscene Requiem set.

 This one in particular takes the cake:


  1. KILLER photos!

    Obviously, I love good music/metal played with passion... moreso as too many death metal bands now are riding the "retro" fad into undeath.
    NOT you dudes: bought "Reins of Horror" with my weak South African Rands & it shredded my mind! You're not going through the motions... felt the excitement I got from jamming Autopsy, old Tiamat and "Soulside" Darkthrone. I'd say the only bands that can generate the same crushing power of Olde are War Master from Texas & Japan's Coffins

    Anyway, thanks again & Keep Rottin' \m/ etc. etc.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, man! We'll be heading to the studio to record an Lp soon!