Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Abyss live at Eyesore Cinema 2012

I'm just sharing this old video post of Abyss playing at a local
video store on a cold January eve during 2012. The song featured is the
old and moldy "Splatterhouse" and this I believe was the first gig to
feature Max on drums, who is now in Tomb Mold.

I'm  mainly sharing for personal reasons however, as I realize the video
features my older brother who passed away last November 2016.
Re-watching the video now, makes me laugh. He is the guy up front
looking out of place (Death metal and heavy gigs were not necessarily
his thing), and he's clearly not sure how to react, yet he's still
having a laugh and a good time...Rest in peace, brother, I'm glad you
entered the Spatterhouse!

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