Thursday, April 28, 2011

Abyss - Download Accused Followers Demo!

This is - for the time being - the Abyss website. We will be posting MP3s, Photos, maybe some video, and news and information regarding Abyss, shows, and any other thing we might find relevant or interesting.  I will leave the Myspace page up for whatever little purpose it serves, but as you know Myspace has become increasingly frustrating to use. I find it almost impossible to distinguish what is garbage email and what is pertinent, so apologies to anyone I might have ignored over the past while.

I will be amending the layout over the next while - I'm working on a revamped version of the logo, I'll be adding contact information and posting what little merch we have available that you may order directly from us. We should have some new shirts in a week or two. Abyss also has plans to record a second Demo in the next two weeks. We'll be recording in 'the room' again, this time we're having Oskar of Sepulchre/Megiddo fame take the reigns on this one, in hopes that it might speed up the process - one that I think we all found a little frustrating on our previous recording (I believe John sold a large majority of the recording gear).  By the way you can check out the Sepulchre page here: Sepulchre.

But to start off, I thought I'd make available the MP3 version of ACCURSED FOLLOWERS, our first demo that we recorded roughly a year ago. I was supposed to post it months and months ago, but ah, well....shit happens. Anyway, enjoy!

~Rob Deep


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